Your health is my happiness

My name is Angelina Ray. I am a fully qualified counsellor as well as a Reiki master. Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing, is a Japanese word with Rei meaning "God's wisdom" or "the higher power" and Ki which is "life force energy." So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."

I have been a passionate advocate of affecting positive change in people's lives for several years. My focus is on health and well-being and the counselling  and healing that I practise  works through many levels including phsychological, physical, mental and emotional, as all of these are interlinked. I will work together with you to facilitate your specific needs to improve and enhance your well-being and bring you to a a happy, healthy and peaceful way to life no matter what traumas you may have experienced.
​we are all blessed with unbelievable inner strength which really can turn every one of our dreams into a reality.

My specialities are one to one counselling and Reiki healing.
Every session is personal, private and confidential; I value your privacy very highly and no information given to me in confidence will ever be divulged to any third party without your prior written consent.

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Your health is my happiness