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My Blog 4 Dec 2018

You can choose to become weaker or stronger from the places you feel are broken. if you have lost lean into the knowing that your heart will love deeper.

Regret & guilt is an indulgence from the ego that you cannot afford to feast on .. binging out on this feeling from time to time is human, but then bring enlightenment to the table, you owe it to your wellbeing to do so.

The price of this finer ingredient may seem harder to obtain because it requires discipline to the dedication not to sell yourself short. However it will nourish you beyond measure! 

Supplement yourself in self belief & forgiveness.. banquet on the finer things such as giving yourself a chance to grow into the strength that is not only the survivor, but the master of your fate and destiny ✨

19 Nov 2018

To those who are working towards a dream and feel as though everything is crumbling underneath you whilst trying to achieve it! 

Now that you have left the land of comfortable, the thing that will keep you pulling through is unshakable self belief.
Believe in yourself so much, that when everything is telling you how bad things are, it's merely an opportunity to demonstrate to the universe your strength and it's so it can trust  that you’re ready to handle your life’s purpose, that's all...
The hardship, sweat & tears is to acknowledge the preciousness of your desires. Withstanding the difficulties will be showing you and the world that nothing can touch you now, you become invincible because blow after blow you’re still standing.
The power in this survival means you have the strength to love fearlessly into this world and the subtle fruits of your labour start to slowly grow through the cracks...
Gently watering your barren land with self belief lays the foundations for the harvest of the land called achievement! You have created the kingdom called 'living your dream' and all its fantasies

Sometimes to find yourself means being prepared to lose yourself completely.
Often through those dark hours you find this calling! Don’t be afraid to keep changing and vulnerably putting yourself out there - flaws and all...
Look far and beyond what you initially see, because this vision is what you will need to hang onto when others seem confused or doubt you. 
Living your truth means being prepared to hear, be, think, see, do and feel differently!
When it appears to the outside that you are failing, what is really happening is that you are setting yourself up for the greatest exhilaration that is called purpose. That has got to be anyone's pot of gold

My Full Moon Prayer With Love❤️

Dear universal life force energy
Keep us from judgement & continue to bring unity rather then division!
Inspire the act of service & affirm this to be the greatest of riches. Within this bring forth the evolution of meaning, let us love into purpose.
Let us own our power to stay strong, vigilant even into knowing when our being is not from truth. Use strength to keep focus & use gentleness to play.
Bring forth dance & laughter & music in honour that you have trust that we know that higher self has our back.
There is a plan bigger then we know at times .. Allow us the silence to listen to the magic of the world 🌎
Bring forth bravery, forgiveness & letting go, let us understand there is no sense of shame or guilt ... no need to protect the heart.. Happiness lives there xx

Angelina Ray

My Blog7 Dec 2018

We lie to ourselves all the time, instincts kick in and we respond by default, defending our upset by acting in a certain way to cover up vulnerability. 

This is because it’s mistaken for looking back. But what I’m talking about is being open to standing in the thick of it, how can we change what we don’t know ??? 

Being emotionally aware is the relentless hustle of being real but most of all it’s what’s required to keep moving . Admitting feeling lost puts everything on track a lot faster. It can then allow other sources to 
step in .. those who happen to the know the way or the right situations come into play .

By facing up to what’s really going on, it at least allows something to be done and we can grow. Getting to know the feelings that are way down deep, is not letting fear rule you but it’s allowing your fear to drive you! 

Use pain to tell you what you want & that’s when you tap into all this creativity... listen to what doesn’t feel right to lead to the motivation to become something different.